Social Media and Street Marketing: 7 Tips on Going Global with Guerilla Campaigns

In our last post, we talked about some of the current street marketing trends that we think we’ll be seeing a lot more of in Ibiza in 2014. But street marketing campaigns are – by their nature – only seen by the people who walk past.

So how can you get the most from ‘the moment’ and ensure your guerilla marketing campaigns reach as many people as possible?

According to Digital Insights, Facebook now has more than 1.15 billion users, while Twitter and Google+ each have more than 500 million profiles.

Let’s take a step back and appreciate the harmonious and joyful relationship between street marketing tactics and supporting social media campaigns.

(1) Forward planning

You know what they say about the proverbial poor planning. Planning the social media build up and follow up to your street marketing campaigns is a must. Social media is immediate and responsive, but if you’re not prepped and ready to go with the right tech, tools and team in place to make the most of it, your campaign will fall flat on its arse (or never even move from it).

(2) Inject some brand personality

It helps to think about and define your brand personality before you start. Business owners: you have a strong idea of what you’re about. But are your field marketing team and your social media managers on board too? Listing your brand attributes will help those pushing out messages and responding to enquires on your behalf to get under the skin of your brand and really showcase it at its best.

This recent masterclass in bringing personality to your tweets from (who’d have thought it) Sainsburys, is brilliant. Bringing ‘fish pun’ banter to the masses.

(3) Capture the action

Book a photographer. Set up a secret video camera. Choose a spot where passersby are likely to capture the event on their mobile phones. They’re simple things to do, but easy to forget.

(4) Video

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. And with the likes of Upworthy and Buzzfeed blasting feel good/humourous rich content round the other social media sites, it’s worth investing in some good viral video fodder.

The video for this WestJet experiential campaign, in which the US airline pulled a ‘Christmas miracle’ out the bag for its passengers, has already had over 35 million hits since it was uploaded in December.

(5) Giveaways

Tie in a giveaway that encourages people to upload photos of your street marketing to Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram and you’re onto a winner. It can be as simple as “Follow us on Pinterest/Twitter/Facebook/Instagram, pin/upload a photo of yourself with our new promo CD and tag with #ouruniquehashtag to be in with a chance of winning…

(6) Don’t forget Google +

Google is sneakily tweaking its algorithms to push content shared through Google+ higher up the search engine results.

Yeah, you might spend zero time in there. And we all know the way to put everyone off a party is to appear desperate by offering bribes. But if you’re wanting to ramp up your SEO efforts, posting your campaign and video links out through Google+ is another thing to add to your tick list.

(7) Infographics

This is one to think about for when your experiential marketing campaigns allow you to collect data from participants. Everyone loves a good infographic, and they’re really popular for social sharing.

This infographic on the evolution of Western dance music was a strong move by Thomson, who are clearly looking to tap into the music tourism market. Just a shame they forgot about us here in the Balearics!

If this has whet your appetite for a bit of on-the-streets action, give us a call. We’ve got spray paint, powder pigment, vinyl, a digital camera and a whole host of other toys at the ready. And we’re not afraid of shouting in public.