Guerrilla Marketing, Ibiza-style. 4 Street Marketing Trends to watch out for in 2014

Here at Pop Ibiza HQ, we’re rolling into 2014 with a few more tricks up our sleeves.

One thing we’re going to be doing a lot more of this year is guerilla marketing. Also known as street marketing, this form of outdoor brand profiling can – with a bit of time, creativity and flair – be a low budget, high exposure method of getting your brand out there and literally in the faces of your target audience in a really memorable way.

Well-thought-out guerilla marketing campaigns are a neat way of showing off your brand personality. And while some of the bigger campaigns can be costly, there is potential to achieve great visibility and engagement even with a very limited budget, provided you’re willing to put the time in. Plus the ROI can be big.

Here are four trends to look out for in Ibiza in 2014:

Experiential Marketing

 Experiential marketing involves active interaction with people, giving them a unique experience rather than pushing a message. The resulting emotional response – such as surprise or laughter – creates a lasting impression and positive association with your brand. Marketing Week recently explored some of the big events industry brand campaigns in 2013, highlighting the importance of integrating digital for increased reach and deeper engagement.

According to Calum McGuigan from Toronto-based Fervent Events, Canada saw experiential marketing budgets increase by 7.6% in 2013, despite the economic growth rate languishing at 1.6%. He predicts even more interest in 2014, with trends such as increased demand from Generation Y for experiential engagement with brands, and the increased alignment with market research as brands leverage ambassadors to collect data during experiential campaigns. All of these trends make experiential a valuable tool in 2014.

Projections and Light

You can achieve some amazing and dramatic effects by projecting video and images onto buildings and streets at night. Europe’s ‘White Night’ festivals are famous for wowing visitors with their innovative projection work.

projection mapping ibiza

This outdoor projection by Jameson shows the kind of interaction that evening entertainment brands can achieve. However – as the reviewer points out – the campaign could have reached more people and created an online buzz, had been backed up with a coordinated social media campaign.

Street Art

With its rich history of artistic expression and its reputation as a homing beacon for creatives, Ibiza has a thriving urban arts scene. It is little wonder, then, that street art has been a regular sight around the island. (The good, the bad and the ugly have been catalogued on this Street Art Ibiza Facebook page.)

With such a concentration of talented artists, and events like Urban in Ibiza helping to raise their mainstream profile, I think the demand for high quality artwork as part of guerilla marketing campaigns can only increase this year. Brands will continue to see the potential of striking visuals – not just in the big clubs, but out on the streets too.

Reverse & Eco-Graffiti

And for those who want something a little less permanent than paint, reverse and eco-graffiti are increasingly popular alternatives.

Reverse graffiti involves taking a dirty wall or pavement and using a pressure hose or scrubbing brush and stencil to wash your logo, website or message onto a wall. It’s the antithesis of urban grime.

Eco-graffiti can be done by mixing moss, buttermilk, and a few other ingredients, and using a spray bottle or dabbing brush to apply it to walls. The results can look really fresh and jaunty.

Moss grafitti

This type of graffiti wouldn’t look out of place on the streets around the streets of Cala Benirrás or the hippy markets in Es Canar, and is great for brands who want to target the eco-conscious or align themselves with attributes such as health, growth and vitality.

In our next blog, we’re going to look at how you can amplify your campaigns by backing them up with some snazzy social media activities.